kindness – house (video)

Grimes – Oblivion

Shake Aletti: Lights & Sparks

Shake Aletti : Lights & Sparks from Shake Aletti on Vimeo.

Wildlife Control – Analog or Digital

Catchy and fun. I always enjoy stop motion videos.

Breakbot – Baby I’m yours music video

Watch “testing the ice with tyler” on YouTube

my brother, Tyler, showing off his dance skills

Ofer – the one and only


My friend ofer.


Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Remix)

fun video

Crazy P – Heartbreaker

one of those sneaky catchy tunes that i’ve been playing over and over again.


Townhouse, venice



Presenting Chris’s Christmas Treats .. the 2011 christmas music mix.


Each year I like to make a christmas mix for my friends and family to listen to during the holiday season for their christmas shopping and christmas parties.

1. Download the mix here – Chris’s Christmas Treats!.zip (121 mb)  (using for the first time – let me know if there are any issues with the download)

2. Add tracks to a new playlist within  your preferred music program like itunes

3. Sort tracks by track number!

4. Enjoy!



Walked into the Culver City Veteran’s park auditorium last night, a little early for my city league basketball game, and walked into a gym full of old ladies doing jazzercise with a boom box on the table and a lady leading the crew . I felt awkward and turned around and went outside. I didn’t even know jazzercise still existed. 


This video captures the full comedy of jazzercise. 


Thanksgivends 2011

Fun times, good cause, great music. very worthwhile…

Bicycle love

my bicycle staring in this short movie