The Patient Puma is a mix of funk, country western, baller, and.. i don’t know… hope.

Based in Venice, CA  The patient puma aims to share the music, the photos, the food, the people and the absurd that this area has to offer.

As for the title of this blog, well, I like to think that I am a patient person and I think  saying the word “Puma” is fun.

I decided to start a blog, not out of any sort of self-righteousness, but just because I wanted to share ideas, thoughts, music, photos,  recipes, musings, and such. The mode of making connections with people seems to be changing from bringing over some dessert and talking to a much more vague interaction. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll like it or enjoy it but I thought I’d give it a chance.

mp3 files hosted for a very limited time only.  Should you be the copyright owner of a file and wish to have it removed, please email me direct for immediate removal. 

Submissions: Here at the patient puma good music, new and vintage, is much appreciated so anyone feel free to send along any suggestions or submissions.


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  1. Jason Ferguson says:

    Each time I say the word “puma” a tear comes to my eye.

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