Bin 73 – venice, ca


Pictured is the maple  carmelized pear and bacon crossiant bread pudding with homemade truffles (silky smooth) in the background. This place has creative and expert chefs who have a knack for taking restaurant goers on a delicious flavor journey. Order whatever the special is in the chalkboard.

Alabama Shakes – Hold On

i like her voice.

Light: On the South Side

Cut Copy – Blink and you’ll miss a revolution

instant favorite

Mural at shiloh’s restaurant – london, ky


Venice Photo Album

Click on photo for Album

Black Keys – Lonely Boy

Look ma, I’m a scientist!


Buddy – Awesome, Awesome

I work near Compton, CA everyday so I like how the video shows it.

Stop Motion

The Park

My brother, Tyler, and I can be heard in the background of this video yelling ‘burn it up’ haha.. good times.

This was a video of a live performance by The Park with Darondo at the DEl monte Speakeasy (underneath the townhouse) in venice, ca.

more The Park!

The Park – Belleville from anthony valadez on Vimeo.

Friends – I’m his girl

catchy. dirty drum and bassline, sweet voice. fun video


My friend ofer left boxes and boxes of photos at my apartment and i’ve had the distinct privilege of sitting and getting to look through them. ┬áMakes me want to print more of my own photos out. This digital , on screen, doesn’t quite capture the same depth and color as a print and ink and such.

Charles Bradley – The World (is going up in flames)